Dear Customers!

Using the form below, you can pay for the placement of several ads at once or make a donation in favor of for the development of this advertising platform. Thank you for your choice and support.


All your money transferred to the development of our project as a donation or to place several ads will be assigned to your email address, so you can place ads for free until your donation account is exhausted.

You will also be provided with a control code, which we will send to your email address. You will need to specify this code every time in the process of placing an ad.

Upon receipt of your donation and placement of each ad, you will receive an email notification about the amount of donation received to our account, the money spent on your ads and the balance.

After topping up your personal account on a personal account will be created for you, where you can use your specified email address and a control code (as a threshold) received from us. In your personal account, you can manage your ads and see which ads are active, which are not, and much more!